H7 Auction "Simplifying Heavy Equipment Auctions" For Buyers and Sellers. Proven, Reliable, and Repeatable Results!

 H7 Auction's mission is to provide honest, well marketed, auction services, making the auction method less expensive, and lower maintenance for the selling customer.

LOCATION - We are centrally located in Saint Regis, Mt right between Missoula, Mt and Coeur d Alene, ID on Interstate 90.

GLOBAL MARKETPLACE - The participation of online bidders from around the world at each H7 Auction ensures that equipment is sold for its global fair market value – regardless of local market conditions. Online auctions can attract hundreds, even thousands more.

INSPECTION - Equipment being sold is organized and inspected weeks ahead of sale day, each Piece of equipment has a inspection sheet viewable online.  Prospective buyers are encouraged to test, inspect and compare the equipment to assess its value and condition before bidding.

H7AUCTION.COM - Is marketed in conjunction with MachineryTrader.com, MarketBook.com (Canada), Truckpaper.com, Auctiontime.com, Auctiontime.co.uk(Europe), Auctionzip.com and Auctioneers.org(Nation Auctioneer Association) if there is a serious online buyer looking for the type of equipment we are selling they will see it.

CONVENIENCE - We cater to you. we will come to you photograph, inspect, and appraise your equipment. There is no cost in moving your equipment to a Auction site, no liability of customers on your property. Every Item sold "As is where is"


Why you should use H7 Auction  to sell your Equipment!

  • CONVENIENT - Turn your property into cash within 45 days or less. Think of the interest payments and maintenance that you could save. You don't have the expense of moving your equipment as in a traditional auction.
  • ATTAIN FAIR MARKET VALUE - The Auction method uses competitive bidding to obtain the true fair market value for your Equipment. We Have Buyers Worldwide!
  • FAIRNESS - The Auction Method is the fairest way to settle an estate, liquidate a partnership or corporation.
  • DIVERSE MARKETING - H7 Auction uses Auctiontime (printed weekly catalog), Machinery Trader, Truckpaper, Tractorhouse, Marketbook (Canada), Auction Zip, National Auctioneers Association, and E-mail Blast. If there is any one in North America looking for your type of equipment online they will see your listing.
  • “AS IS” - Equipment sold at auction are sold “as is”, “where is”, therefore relieving the seller of a plethora of liabilities.
  • MARKETING SPOTLIGHT - The auction method places a marketing spotlight on a specific piece of equipment for a period of at least 4 weeks.  Because your equipment will be offered for a limited time, greater excitement will be generated on your Auction than other equipment listed in the area.
  • AUCTIONS ARE FUN! - The best reason to use the auction method to sell your property is because it generates more excitement than any other type of marketing.  People enjoy Auction sales and therefore spend more money.